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September 09, 2019


I have been wanting to try vegetable yogurt again for a long time, however it is difficult to find a quality and cheap one on the market, at least in Chile. The offer is very scarce and what better way to prepare your meals? Especially if they are easy and quick, like this recipe with ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS 馃槍!

A few days ago I bought a yogurt maker (machine exclusively for making yogurt at home) and we decided to give it a try. As a test, we started with the first version of vegetable yogurt, which turned out to be very good! We accompany it with granola and berries, it is the one that you can see as a post on Instagram. Considering that there are still more versions to be made, such as yogurt based on nuts, take this version as a preview for what comes in the next versions 馃構.

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For this recipe you will need a yogurt maker. There are cheap brands, from $10,000 CLP and they work perfectly. Soon I will try to make more quantity in the dehydrator, I will tell you how it goes!


1 liter of vegetable drink , it must be high in protein, so I suggest soy, either homemade or purchased. I used Oras铆 de Soya. This is already sweetened, and this is important, since it is where the bacteria of the lactic culture will feed. If you use unsweetened, I suggest sweetening with panela, coconut sugar or agave.

1 sachet of lactic cultures , I used the ones from Yogustart, you can probably find them in any healthy food store. These are bacteria, their name has nothing to do with being of dairy origin. What's more, I sent a message directly to Yogustart to find out about its origin and learn more about the product.


  1. Bring the milk to a pot and warm, almost to room temperature.
  2. If you use Yogustart sachets, the product must always be refrigerated. When you use it, take out a sachet and leave at room temperature for 15 minutes.
  3. Add a sachet of Yogustart or the probiotics you have available.
  4. Dissolve well in the milk, remember that it must be sweetened.
  5. Take the mixture to a glass container or the one that comes with your yogurt machine, it must be extra clean so that no external agent will alter the fermentation process that follows.
  6. Prepare your yogurt maker and ferment for 10-12 hours, or according to the device's instructions. The container where the yogurt goes must be without a lid, what covers the mixture is the same lid of the machine, not that of the yogurt container, although these instructions may vary depending on the device. Check the user manual.
  7. After the fermentation time, remove the container that carries the yogurt and cover. Refrigerate for a few hours, in this way the mixture will have the consistency of creamy yogurt.
  8. After refrigeration hours, accompany with granola and fresh fruit!


During the fermentation process, it happened that the mixture separated and left a liquid part at the bottom of the container. In this part, there are some versions of machines that have a filter and discard that liquid, in order to make the creamiest Greek-type yogurt. If you want it that way (I opted for that), when the fermentation is over, pierce the mixture with a cutlery and remove the liquid from the bottom (only if your machine does not have the filter). You can try doing this one day and not another day, to see the differences in textures. Any of the options will give you the benefits of a fermented product like yogurt!


ARE YOU MOTIVATED TO PREPARE IT? Leave your comments below and tell me if you have another way to prepare homemade vegetable yogurt. Soon I will be sharing a version without soy and without a yogurt maker 馃榿馃憣!

4 Responses

Yasna San Mart铆n
Yasna San Mart铆n

April 20, 2020

Consulta. Se le puede agregar prote铆nas al yogurt casero?


October 24, 2019

Gracias Nico! Pr贸ximamente estar茅 probando la receta! Saludos desde C贸rdoba, Argentina.


October 24, 2019

Hola Nico, gracias por compartir, por ahora no tengo yogurtera, pero veo bien vale la pena la inversi贸n, yo he ensayado haciendo rejuvelac con quinua y luego se lo agrego a la leche de soya, dej贸 reposar 72 horas, pero no queda cremoso, tiene un sabor a fermento agradable, pero es muy l铆quido, saludos desde Colombia! :)

Javiera Arellano
Javiera Arellano

October 24, 2019

Me encant贸 tu explicaci贸n paso a paso, pero tengo una consulta.. y si no tengo una yogurtera? Sabes del proceso sin la m谩quina? O es algo que debe ser realizado de esa forma?

De antemano muchas gracias!

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